Monday, November 01, 2004

rococo box

a crazy box of chocolate love from rococo arrived in the mail today. CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY.

inside: a ballotin of handmade bonbons, a drum of chicchi de caffe--solid chocolate coffee beans, cocoa dusted scorched almonds, gummy bears, chocolate almonds, and st. clements--white and dark chocolate covered crystallized citrus. also, a slab of chocolate nougat, an oval box of mushroom-shaped chocolates, a sampler box of mini-bee bars, and artisan handmade choco bars.

believe you me, you'll hear more about this.


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of these chocolates before, are they good?


Santos said...

hi rach

they are divinely good. belgian chocolate, i believe, handcrafted into confections in a shop in london. i am working on the fresh cream truffles, which have subtly flavoured fillings that aren't cloyingly sweet, covered in quality chocolate. my absolute favourite so far is ginger and saffron fudge covered in dark chocolate, followed closely by a fresh cream vanilla truffle covered in white chocolate. heaven!

Camilla said...

Hi Santos,

Good words get around fast it seems! I work for Rococo and am so happy to see that you are enjoying your hamper. I thought I would let you know that they are not, in fact, belgian. The Artisan and mini-bee bars are made here in London, while the nuts and pralines are from France. Sorry to be a chocolate-geek!

Santos said...

camilla, this was about 2 years ago now--i still dream of those white chocolate truffles. simply the best!