Wednesday, November 10, 2004

just another day in la

©2004 AP

yesterday on the way to the hospital, there was a roadblock/detour: a man took a pregnant clerk hostage at the mexican consulate just a few blocks away from st. vincent. uh, okay. later, on the way back, there was another roadblock/detour: a car caught on fire, and was ablaze in the middle of sixth street. children, just dismissed from the nearby elementary school, stood around the scene, as if it was a bonfire, and ate ice cream from the van parked in front of the school, or roasted corn from the vendor next to him. mmmmm. toasty!


Anthony said...

THIS is why I love foodblogs. No matter how shit things are, there's always a roast corn vendor somewhere nearby.

Santos said...

you know, they took the hostage taker down by shooting him in the head shortly after this photo was taken. i saw it on the news in all its horror later. ¡ay, caramba! i'll bet there was a roasted corn vendor there too.