Friday, November 19, 2004

keanu sighting!

i saw a scuzzy homeless looking guy eating at campanile, which was sort of surprising. hm, maybe someone has taken pity on him (hey, holiday spirit can invade hollywood too) or was it a scene straight out of last week's episode of "arrested development"? no, it was keanu reeves.

sorry, no camera with me. let's just say dude needs a facial, a seamstress, and a cobbler, pronto.

later i think i saw une petite scarlett johansson at la brea bakery (not on atkins?), but that could have been wishful thinking.


Jen said...


That's my Keanu alright...

Joyce said...

Bonjour Santos! So, he was scuzzy looking eh? (doesn't surprise me one bit) My previous encounter with the actor was at Book Soup on Sunset. He was clean-shaven then, but I was more surprised that he could read. (I lost whatever hope that he might have a tiny bit of a brain after his appearance on Charlie Rose )


Santos said...

hey jen

i'm amused to find a post of mine on your keanu site :-) you should a start a baby needs a new pair of shoes fund for him because he doesbonjour joyce!

book soup? did you actually see him reading or was he looking at the pretty pictures? ;-) my first encounter with him was eons ago up in the hills. i was invited to a party and he was one of a bunch of boho babies on bongos. bratpack-tastic!