Sunday, November 28, 2004

come fly with me

ah, travelling on the busiest travel weekend of the year, not my idea of a good time. my airport tip: pack all electronics and accessories--ipods, cords, phones, digital cameras--in a resealable plastic bag, throw it in a bucket at xray with your shoes, and you'll be flyin' through that security checkpoint. (unless you forgot to dump the kilo of cocaine in your handcarry, of course) airport blogging, interesting, i wonder who is airport blogreading? the only time i ever feel like going to a starbucks is pretty much at airports, but er, not today, thanks. what does that gingerbread latte taste like, i wonder.

at least i am in the exec lounge, which is the most crowded i have ever seen it. free web access, sure, but a very sad doughnut museum, indeed.

if i get my act together, i shall document the HNL exec lounge when i get there. much more interesting food options, ginger ale on tap, and an ice bucket i covet with jade green eyes.

¡hasta luego! wish me and my dodgy tummy luck.

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