Tuesday, November 30, 2004

DUB magnum

photo from auto.consumerguide.com

last saturday, on my way to my new crazy storage space on la brea, i was following a motorcade of cars that looked like a strange hybrid between an armored assault vehicle and my dad's last station wagon from the seventies. all of them had super-dark tinted windows--which i thought was illegal in la--and had the word 'DUB' plastered on every surface imaginable. ?? isn't DUB magazine a music thing? does this have anything to do with a magazine? payola? something for their top execs?

and while i'm on it, i've seen similar cars around town, most notably ferrari's SUV (don't know what it's called). as a pre-21st c. volvo 240 station wagon owner, i admit to being drawn to its boxiness, but for the price someone pays for these luxury vehicles, he or she's gotta know it still looks like a stupid station wagon.

oh, duh. i should always check the website first.

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