Thursday, November 11, 2004

november spawned a monster

as i type, a high speed chase involving a late model minivan and a woman suspect is winding down. that's her in the photos, and that's the minivan riding on its rims--every time she hits the brakes a shower of sparks light up.

so far this november: at least one shooting/stabbing every day, 6 high speed car chases (today's and yesterday's involving women), 2 hostage situations, 1 suv crashed into a house, 1 attempted kidnapping, 1 possible kidnapping, 1 definite kidnapping, and goodness knows what else we don't know about. all news is breaking news.

dang. it's never this crazy every day. maybe it has something to do with the weather.

i don't really believe that.


Reid said...

Hi Santos,

Isn't it just so crazy? LA has more going on than NY I think. Either that or it's just the times...and of course, the Republican era....

Santos said...

hi reid

california is a lot more republican than people think. los angeles in particular. also, los angeles is giganto huge--it's just so large and sprawling, almost 500 square miles, with about 80 incorporated cities in the county. there are fewer police here per capita than most major cities, and it probably needs more than that x2 as the city goes out, not up. new york has more violent crimes committed per year, but los angeles has more crime, no doubt.

JMom said...

This is one aspect I don't miss about living in L.A. It's a shame really.