Monday, November 01, 2004

it's my mom's birthday today!


Reid said...

Hi Santos,

What beautiful flowers. Please wish your Mother a Happy Birthday! and let her know I'm praying for her speedy recovery.

Santos said...

hi reid!

thanks for the prayers, you are so very kind, and i'll let my mother know. the flowers are pretty, no? i saw something similar on martha stewart's website, but these came from, the company martha uses for her site, but these were ordered directly from them, at a significant savings. i like proflowers because they are shipped directly from the grower, so they are fresher than most flowers, last much longer, and are often cheaper.

Anthony said...

Happy birthday to your mum.

Santos said...

hey anthony

my mom laughed at your pizza scan. although it may have helped bust a couple staples, it was worth it, she claims, and thanks you for the kind greetings.