Monday, November 08, 2004

hollywood farmers' market

you know you're in hollywood if there's a giant scientology sign somewhere

los angeles is blessed by a multitude of farmers' markets throughout the city, on almost every day of the week: monday in hollywood, tuesday in culver city, wednesday in santa monica and adams district, thursday in mid-city, west hollywood and chinatown, and saturdays and sundays in almost every part of the city.

my current favourite one is the sunday hollywood market on selma and ivar, just steps away from a popular stretch of hollywood boulevard. i like it because i'm up and about fairly early on sunday mornings, it's in between my church and the 101 coffee shop, there's tons of parking available, and it has everything i'm looking for, without being overwhelming. i can breeze through it with lots of gawping and admiring, but still be out of there by lunchtime.

the market is mostly produce, but there's also stalls selling meats and seafood, plants and pastries, beauty products (the lady who taught brad pitt how to make soap for "the fight club" is here) and incense, amongst other specialized items. there's also many food stalls--everything from a made-to-order omelette bar to salvadoreƱo pupuseria. everything looks and smells wonderful, it can tempt you despite how large your breakfast just was.

last week's booty included squash blossoms, gorgeous dahlias, fresh mint for tea, grapes, and other fruits.

we'll see what next week's market will yield....


Reid said...

Hi Santos,

What a wonderful farmers market. Hope you picked up lots of goodies! =)

Anonymous said...

The farmer's market in South Pasadena on Thursdays is nice too. Especially if you take the Gold Line.

Zarah Maria said...

GAAAAH! Why is there nothing like this near me?? But then again, I don't get the hostage situations either... Good thing I can live a little through you!

Santos said...

gaaaah! zarah maria, why *isn't* there a farmer's market near you? i would think it would be common in scandinavia--is it not?

Zarah Maria said...

Well, I suppose mostly because "near me" covers bicycling distance with a radius of, say, 10 kilometers... I KNOW they exist, they're just to far away - but when I get a car, ah, oh yes, they will be mine...!