Thursday, November 25, 2004

giving thanks

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i thank the following for all the obvious reasons, and all the not-so-obvious ones, too (in no particular order):

the staff at st. vincent's hospital, all the doctors and their staff here and in guam, everyone at good sam, radiology and itc. the clergy and congregation at st. victor's and the cathedral of our lady of the angels. friends i didn't get to see here, and those i did. friends on guam. nyc and uk friends. late night radio friends. the wacky neighbours. the staff and nice people i've met at arclight, the grove theaters, chinatown and farmers market, where i've spent A LOT of time. all the courteous drivers on the streets and freeways (more than i thought). everyone who lives in la and loves it and it shows.

everyone in my blogosphere for your kind words, comments, humour, and for thinking the things you think and then writing them down.

family. those related and not.

thank you.


JMom said...

Amen to that! As long as we breath, there are a great many things we can be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

chika said...

happy thanksgiving santos, hope I'll get to catch you next time around!

Reid said...

Hi Santos,

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too!