Monday, November 29, 2004

fire king

i used to collect fire king jadite tableware, back in my thrifting and swap meet days. the colour is what attracted me, and the fact that many of the pieces were a bit chunky and sturdy. also, the price was reasonable to dead cheap, and it was somewhat easy to find. until of course, martha stewart "discovered" it, and ebay took advantage of that, so now prices are through the roof. thanks, martha, for leaving me with a half-finished collection i can no longer afford to collect.

hm. i wonder what the prices on blue pieces are like....


Reid said...

Hi Santos,

You might not be able to collect it anymore, but maybe you can sell it off now for huge sums of money and start collecting something else.

Santos said...

hi reid

i was thinking the same thing. this is only about half/a third of the collection, but it's not all in the best condition as i use it everyday. i think i'll probably keep the stuff i love the most, sell the rest and start buying turquoise fire king next. it's just an exhausting proposition.

drstel said...

santos, glad you've landed safe and sound (being like a mommy here) with Jasmine on the plane no less (oops you don't know Jasmine!).
i missed your cooking blogs. i wish you and your mom the best. p.s. never liked martha, only loved to heckle her for her advanced case of "affluenza". 'appy cooking!

Santos said...

hi stel!

i should think about cooking sometime soon. there's nothing in the fridge except durian candies :-p thank you for your kind thoughts and your non-martha ways :-)