Monday, November 29, 2004

aloha honolulu

honolulu airport lounge

honolulu. hot. sticky. rainy. tourists going home and thinking it's perfectly alright to wear shorts and sandals back to the freezing mainland climes.

as promised, the coveted ice bucket in the exec lounge.


Reid said...

Hi Santos,

How nice of you to drop by the airport! =P

I would have brought you a nice lunch from Chez Sovan if I had known when you were going to be here.

Santos said...

hi reid

i was actually reading your blog in the lounge and getting huuunnnnnngry! it was a last minute decision to leave a couple weeks earlier than planned, otherwise i would've taken you up on the offer:-) i wish we were there for more than the hour or so we were there, because i would've taken a cab to w & m bar-b-q burgers--looks so ono!

Reid said...

Hi Santos,

Shucks...and I had the day off too! =(