Saturday, April 02, 2011

the don draper float

the don draper float

the don draper ice cream float: one scoop of don draper-flavoured ice cream--vanilla, bourbon, caramel and smoke--floated in boylan bottleworks creme soda. from the lake street creamery truck at the santa anita race track food truck festival.

at first it was like licking the inside of don draper's mouth after a hard day at the office and a liquid lunch--sweet and enticing, with a little bit of booze and ashtray for some dirty intrigue. but then it got a little intense and overwhelming and i began to regret having sucked him in. although he was the one who was kicked to the curb, i was the one who made the walk of shame after that rendezvous.


Marin said...

Hi! I'm from Guam and I follow your other blog and I was wondering if there are any places in LA that you'd recommend for something remotely like chamorro barbecue? i know of the one in oc but i'm looking for something to go to closer to home. I live at usc/downtown

santos. said...

hello panda jolie-pitt! love your name :) there isn't anything in LA county that i know....there's a restaurant in whittier (phlight) that sometimes has stuff with chamoru influences (red rice, kelaguen) but it's not on the regular menu. if i hear of anything, i'll post it, or if you learn of anything, please let me know!