Sunday, February 18, 2007


breadbar almond croissant

guncgh. just looking at the photos i took at breadbar, i get a carb crash that just makes me want to sleep. no wonder it has taken forever to do a post on it. all i want to do is get one of those almond croissants (split buttery croissant, filled with marzipan and rebaked, then dusted with icing sugar and slivered almonds), a nice cuppa, and devour. then nap.

breadbar pastries

i usually go to the one in the century city shopping mall westfield shopping center in century city just because there's [cough] better parking (snort) than the third street location. relatively speaking, of course. lately it has been overrun by agents from nearby CAA, i can literally feel them breathing down my neck as they stand in line, waiting for a outside table to open up. the servers look like they'd be perfect for any "grey's anatomy" spin-off someone may just be casting--future century city mall employees will be younger, thinner, and more glamoo than ever, headshot included with every receipt.

breadbar loaves

i usually just end up getting stuff to go, but should you want to stay for a light repast, breadbar does not disappoint, mostly. i would call ahead to see what their hours are, if you are visiting the century city location; it is listed as open from 7 am to 11pm, but my best guess is that it is actually open from 9am to 9pm (surely subject to change). breakfast time is uncrowded, a nice leisurely space and pace. the food is good, but not particularly innovative; however, who needs to be for breakfast? omelettes, cereals, and of course, breads. the nomad is purported to be a sandwich, but is actually an herby omelette with beautifully roasted yukon gold potatoes with a side of five-cereal grain bread. the french toast is light and airy, made with their 'franco-american' loaf (i somehow conjure up spaghettiOs, but be assured it's not related); it is served with fresh berries, whipped cream, and a wholly unnecessary maple syrup. the fruit plate looks anemic, but had some of the best out-of-season watermelon i'd had since winter began.

lunch/dinner consists of sandwiches and salads, and carb bombing baskets of a selection of anywhere from two to six breads, jam and butter, and a hot drink. gaahaaaahaaggggg. they need to outfit the place with cots, more bench seating, something. my body can't handle all the refined flours and sugars running amok. i don't know what i can say about the salads and sandwiches except for that they are solidly good.

breadbar bread

currently nibbling on their curcuma hazelnut loaf, loaded with roasted hazelnuts and spiced with turmeric, raisin walnut loaf, and a log of eggy bread studded with dark chocolate chips. mmm. that thing sugar speeding along santa monica blvd? that would be me. any minute now.

update 22 february: did i call it or what?!

10250 santa monica bvd (at westfield)
la 90067

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8718 w. 3rd street
la 90048

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

the calm after the storm.

blue and white 1

I wish to stay forever - letting this be my food
But I'm caught up in a whirlwind and my ever changing moods

Monday, February 05, 2007