Saturday, January 07, 2006

bryan harvey, member of eighties indie band, house of freaks, was found murdered with his wife, kathryn, and two young daughters, stella and ruby. the details are too gruesome to detail. police have arrested two suspects in connection to the slayings.

bryan and johnny were our neighbours at the record label in venice back in the eighties. i would see them on their front steps, playing guitars and talking, always laughing and smiling. bryan would stop by often to chat, and the band played in a big acoustic show we had that turned out to be nothing short of magical for all who were fortunate to be there. admittedly, i hadn't thought of him since those days, but from what i'd read in the news and from what i knew of him, this is a tragedy that should never had befallen him, nor his young family.

rest in peace. the angels are with you.