Friday, April 06, 2007

breakfast at the griddle: LAPD approved.

the griddle: lapd approved.

oh, i don't know what to say about the griddle. come before 8am because it's a zoo otherwise; it'll be you and the cops enjoying lumberjack-sized breakfasts instead of the late-rising neighbourhood folk and curious tourist-types. i used to avoid this place because it was always bursting at the seams, but the food is pretty darned good--definitely worth rising a little earlier to get there when doors open at 7am (8am on weekends).

the griddle feast

the griddle is open for just breakfast and lunch, but i'm pretty sure you can get lunch items at breakfast (and of course vice versa). i haven't gotten to the lunch menu yet; i'm still pretty enthralled by breakfast: massive omelettes and egg dishes served with a loaf of grilled potatoes, pancakes and waffles bigger than your head, with flavours ranging from the rather healthy honey, cinnamon and rolled oats "sow your oats" pancake to the absurdly overwhelming whipped cream topped "devil's daydream" french toast made with chocolate bread studded with chocolate chips.


above, "the golden ticket": buttermilk pancakes filled with brown sugar baked bananas, caramel, streusel, and walnuts then further topped with more caramel, streusel, and whipped cream. yes, OTT, but surprisingly light in texture, and not that sweet. really. buttery, yes. banana-y, yes. like lead in the stomach? no.

the griddle poached y papas

egg dishes range from the very rich and substantial "poached y papas" benedict--baked ham, poached eggs on seasoned potato skins, and smothered with hollandaise sauce--to the relatively healthier "muscle bound" scramble of egg whites with turkey/chicken breast, spinach, tomatoes and green onions, served with müesli bread.

the griddle musclebound scramble

my personal favourite is the omelette "my soul", filled with one of the daily seven choices of chili my soul chili, cheese, and topped with sour cream and fresh tomato salsa. the chili choices available are up on a board, along with a heat index. the vegetarian espresso black bean chili is particularly good for breakfast, but sometimes the heat from the durango chili made with beef chorizo is more of an eye-opener.

the griddle my soul omelette

there's a really good chance i'll get to the lunch menu soon, even if it means fighting off the crowds. however, i still haven't tried the kahlua or bailey's-laced buttermilk pancakes, the huevos rancheros, nor the apple cobbler french toast. it's a good thing i'm an early riser, and better still that breakfast is the first meal of the day. i have the rest of the day to work off the calories. or take a nap.

the griddle condiments

the griddle
7916 sunset blvd (x street: fairfax)
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