Saturday, January 08, 2011

contents of my fridge.

contents of my fridge

what's in yours?


The Spoons said...

Yours is prettier than ours! I think right now we've got some old salad, mustard, and half a cucumber. Is it a wonder we go out to eat as often as we do?

tkomf said...

Freezer: Three packs of Cauldron Marinated Tofu pieces, three ice lollies (mix of pineapple and orange flavours), 4 stalks of lemon grass, two bags of mini latkes, one bag of frozen peas, several boxes of raspberries and blueberries (bought when reduced at the supermarket, to go in morning bowls of porridge to get us through the winter), three boxes of FreeFrom fishfingers (non-wheat 'breadcrumbs'), two packs of organic spicy beanburgers.
Fridge: Several onions, mix of red and white, three leeks, four potatoes, one spring onion (scallion), some radishes, some carrots, some sugar snap peas, two bags of mixed salad (rocket (arugala), spinach, chard and, um, something else), ten organic free range eggs, three blocks of halloumi cheese, a segment of cucumber, some pineapple pieces in juice, some mandarin orange segments in juice, some apple juice, some organic, sweetened, calcium fortified soy milk, tomato juice, sieved tomatoes, brown rice miso, apple and pear chutney, mayonnaise, rosewater, two pots of organic greek style yoghurt, some ginger, some birdseye chillis, one pack of matured hard goats cheese, half a lemon (partly squeezed)...
And some other stuff that I can't remember off the top of my head!

santos. said...

goodness, my fridge is more like the Spoons than tws. envious!

tkomf said...

Haha - my wife's pregnant, so she now eats more then me, despite the fact that I'm 10" taller and 25% heavier then her!
We need a bigger fridge....


1 Avocado 1/2 rotten
Peruvian Huancaina Sauce
Bob's Big Boy Roquerfort dressing
Did I say eggs?
Old Thai food in a to-go container I'm afraid to look at because I think it spawned spore babies.
5 different kinds of mustard
Fresh Garlic
Black mint paste (I'm gay, what did you expect?)
Free range eggs
Finlandia swiss cheese
Extra sour rye bread (I keep my bread cold so it doesn't rot like my avocado)
I think eggs