Wednesday, July 26, 2006

more with the meyer lemons.

preserved meyer lemons

i've been procrastinating over doing anything with the meyer lemon bounty; not so my friend, merry, who so kindly gave me a jar of preserved meyer lemons from the same crop. i don't recall what recipe she used, although, i think it might've been one from marcella hazan, or paula wolfert. i'm hazarding to guess it might be this recipe from ms. wolfert's book,"slow mediterranean kitchen", as she said i could use them after a week (which i haven't, but i will).

preserved lemons are a staple ingredient found in moroccan, tunisian, and algerian cooking, and usually it takes a few weeks before they are ready to be used; however, once preserved, you can keep them almost indefinitely. that is, if you don't use them all up.

here are some recipes to get you started:

yoony's zucchini couscous with chicken, preserved meyer lemon and harissa

suzanne goin's snapper with green rice and cucumbers in creme fraiche, as documented in grant's blog, well fed

jules' take on claudia roden's sweet potato and preserved lemon salad

elise's moroccan chicken with olives and lemons

or emily's version, or perhaps june's version :)


Acornbud said...

Thanks for the idea. It just dawned on me that this will come in handy on a good Meyer lemon year.

Anonymous said...

Preserved lemons are so versatile...I love them in all sorts of things..some great inspiration here...thanks

santos. said...

acornbud,this was a pretty good summer for lemons all around for me :)

jules, love the recipe you used--it has inspired me as well.

Acme Instant Food said...

I'd love to try preserving lemons. Perhaps you've given me the boost I need.

Also--I LOVE that chair!

e d b m said...

In addition to my new Yuzu tree, I'm going to be getting a Meyer Lemon tree very soon. I love the taste of it.