Wednesday, December 01, 2004

pineapple sage

i was at the santa monica farmer's market and found pineapple sage, or salvia elegans, which is known as a great hummingbird attractor. i've never seen it actually used as an herb, just in gardens, but it's so pretty and really fragrant (just like pineapples!), that i knew i had to incorporate it in our thanksgiving meal somehow. i ended up using the tiny red trumpet-like flowers in a mixed green salad with cayenne-spiced caramelized walnuts and a mango juice/balsamic dressing, and the basil-like leaves in the poultry marinade and in the chestnut stuffing. i can't say i noticed it much in the marinade or the stuffing, but the flowers were a wonderful foil to the spiciness of the walnuts and the watercress in the salad. mmm. i'll have to attempt growing this from seed back home.


Unknown said...

hi santos,
that's a fancy brine, gotta try it with duck. would burpee sell these seeds i wonder hmm.
have a pleasant workweek...possible?

santos. said...

hi stel!

yeah, the brine was a bit schmantzy, but i think it helped. i *definitely* want to try it with duck.

i'm looking for pineapple sage seeds online now. nurseries in la sell the little potted plants, so i imagine it's not too difficult to find it. the only problem is i've got a bit of a black thumb, so i fear for the seeds even as i type. if you decide to grow it, let me know, i'd be interested in seeing how it turns out.

ah, work week half done already, yay :-)

Maria said...

hi santos! i've been trying to post a comment these past few days but for some reason, blogger wouldn't let me. it's sad to see you go but i've thoroughly enjoyed your l.a. blog entries. next time you're back, maybe we can meet (at the corner of third and fairfax)? sorry, i couldn't resist that last bit.

santos. said...

hi maria!

gads, i've been having technical trouble with this blog since i started it. ah well.
next time i'm in town we can meet anywhere between franklin avenue and third+fairfax (and beyond) :-)