Friday, December 03, 2004

chocolate sour cherry bread

from la brea bakery. it's a dense, deep and earthy loaf with chunks of chocolate and sour cherries throughout. it used to be more savoury, but in recent years has become something more like a quick bread with some heft. not that it's a bad thing. it is, however, a bad thing when you consume three-quarters of a loaf in one sitting. not that i did. this time.


Reid said...

Hi Santos,

Oooh. Chocolate cherry bread. Sounds yummy! How big was the loaf? If I wasn't paying attention, I could probably eat the whole thing while watching a video. I love bread... =P

santos. said...

hi reid

it's one of the smaller loaves the bakery makes, about six inches in diameter, but it's quite dense. you can easily scarf at least a quarter of it, but you'll begin to feel it after awhile. heavy!

chika said...

I can't believe I didn't try their choc sour cherry bread! I did buy THE cinnamon roll though, and it was mmmmm yummy! I liked it a lot because it wasn't overy sweet. ooooo I want to go back... :D

santos. said...

oh! i was so certain you'd get that! oh well, another thing to look forward to, i suppose. my friend steve says he makes a very good version of this, i'll ask him for his recipe and we can experiment.