Friday, November 05, 2004

squash blossom frittata

i bought some squash blossoms, with every intention of stuffing them with cheese, dipping them in a tempura batter and then frying them, but i couldn't work up the energy. so, i took the ingredients--blossoms, cheese, egg whites--and made a frittata.

i stuffed the blossoms with a semi-soft cheese with roasted chiles i found in one of my market forays, sautéed some spinach, then arranged the blossoms around the spinach. a few egg whites and frying pan later, breakfast is served.


Reid said...

Hi Santos,

Looks wonderful. I've only eaten the squash blossoms as tempura and they were quite delish!

santos. said...

hi reid

i love squash blossom tempura, and i never see it in restaurants anymore. if i see them again at the farmers market, i'll definitely make them. maybe :-)