Wednesday, November 17, 2004

bob's coffee and doughnuts

okay, i have to admit, my favourite la-area doughnuts are not in the farmers market, but at stan's in westwood. stan has a peanut butter cup filled doughnut that is one of the most disgustingly fantastic things i've ever tasted. the peanut butter and fresh banana one is good too. definitely a guilty pleasure. it's a good thing i'm never in westwood or i'd be in big trouble.

i do like bob's in the farmers market though. i've been going there since i was a kid first visiting los angeles, and later in college, i'd still pop on in, even though my school was much closer to the roadside attraction famous randy's (note: if you drive by randy's at 2 or 3 am, the doughnuts are just out of the fryer fat and really taste like krispy kremes). i like bob's because it hasn't changed much during the years, the doughnuts are mostly the raised fluffy types--airy but greaseless, not too sweet but tasty--and the ladies who work there are lovely. i usually get their version of a beignet (ben-yáy), which isn't particularly authentic, just a fluffy diamond shaped doughnut covered in powdered sugar, but i also love their kitty doughnuts for the kids. simple and charming.

bob's coffee and doughnuts
farmers market, stall 450


Reid said...

Hi Santos,

I've never been here, but the doughnuts look cute...and sound delicious!

santos. said...

hi reid

they are so fluffy and light it's like eating air. but in a good way, not a wonderbread way. there are also green dinosaur doughnuts too, but the green is reeeeeaaaalllly green.

Reid said...

Hi Santos,

Dino-doughnuts...mmmm! Maybe I can eat a tyranosaurus before it eats me. LOL! =P

-K- said...

Try their apple fritters. They're perfect.

Don's Drums said...

I love Bob's and Stan's. Stan's has some great varieties, but on occasion they are a little stale (one of the downfalls of having so many choices). Just make sure they are fresh, and you'll love them.