Tuesday, June 13, 2006

volver de méxico.

puerto vallarta wedding reception pergola

wow, my spanish sucks. just returned from a great wedding celebration in puerto vallarta, where i so uncharacteristically left my camera charging on the kitchen counter in los angeles. ¡ay caramba! but thanks to some helpful friends, i was allowed to use their cameras, so hopefully i'll soon have something to show for the past few days away.


Anthony said...

My Volver looks nothing like that - is that the cabriolet?

jenjen said...

wow that pic looks stunning.
A friend's brother just got married there not too long ago. I heard it was agreat place for weddings.

Santos said...

aaaaanttttthoony, hm. it's a little square and boxy, so i'd say it's in the 240 rangs.

jenjen, it's quite popular--i have to go back in a few months to attend another wedding!

Jeanne said...

OMG I am sooooo getting married there next time!! No, no, I mean next time we renew our vows - no need to worry, Hubby Dearest ;-)

Santos said...

jeanne, you would love it, i know you would. everyone's really friendly, the food is good, and liquor is cheeeeappppp. also those pergolas are even more gorgeous and romantic at night.