Tuesday, June 06, 2006

a quick revisit to the 101.

tiana at the 101
not me.

i have a predilection towards the 101 coffee shop, so it's only appropriate that the first restaurant i hit in la would be it (although admittedly not by choice--damn you, hungry cat, for not having a table until 11pm!).

quick recap: a faux been-here-forever feel. i should say, it may be manufactured, but it certainly is genuine. oh, quintessential los angelesness! although you are fake, you are very real to me. i certainly feel like i have been coming here forever, and the menu has a very classic diner theme: burgers, shakes, meatloaf, mac and cheese. for the most part everything is just solidly executed and satisfying, not earthshakingly noteworthy, although such consistency in performance is remarkable in itself.

101 tuna melt

ordered a tuna melt. just tuna and mayonnaise with cheddar on some sort of white country bread, but the right amount of butter was brushed on and the bread was grilled enough not to be charred, but to keep it crisp until the very last bite--that little give to a tender shatter, into a creamy not-too-molten blend of just-the-right-amount of cheese and tuna mayonnaise. here in la, it seems like everyone gives you the salad instead of fries option, which i heartily appreciate; i appreciate it even more as everyone seems to forgo romaine as the new iceberg, and all salads seem to be a nice, peppery mesclun mix.

milkshake at the 101

the indulgence: the purple haze, a seasonal milkshake of fresh blueberries, honey and vanilla ice cream all whirled into a lavender emulsion whose colour mimics the explosion of lilac blossoms around the city. intensely berry-flavoured and filling.

sign from above

the sign above, it reads "it's time to stay." *sigh*. perhaps it is.

the 101 coffee shop
6145 franklin ave
los angeles ca 90028


Tokyoastrogirl said...

Hey Santos,

Welcome back to La La Land. Hope you have a lot of good eats in store. You made it just in time to catch the last day of heat and hit our awful June Gloom that seems to have kicked in. Anyway, hope you have a great time while you're here.

Santos said...

hi TAG! i love the june gloom. the marine layer is my friend! thank you for the well wishes; i'm having a great time already :)

Reid said...


*sigh* Next time I go to LA, I should bring you along...you can take me to all the delicious food spots. That purple haze is calling my name!

bowb said...

i'd never think of having a tuna melt, but now that i've seen your picture, i wouldn't say no. i think it's the golden brown grilled BUTTER.

the purple haze on the other hand. OHMYGOD. i must have it.

Santos said...

reid and bowb, if you two are ever in town, i shall certainly treat you to as many purple hazes as you wish!