Tuesday, June 06, 2006

tallulah tonight!


i'll be back with señor amor and cyrano on the molotov cocktail hour tonight (tuesday) from 11pm to midnight, PST. join us for a unique blend of exotica at KXLU 88.9FM on your los angeles radio dial, or via the web on KXLU online.


Mike said...

Welcome back to L.A., Santos! Hope you can make our little gathering at Cole's this Saturday...

yoony said...

yay welcome back to LA! thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

i read the last few of your posts and i realized:
-i never knew about franklin canyon
-never been to 101 coffee shop
-i haven't been to hungry cat yet
-i do listen to kxlu but mostly mornings on way to work

so 3 out of 4 things you talked about i haven't done yet! and i live here. what kind of angeleno am i? i'll have to use your blog as a guide. :)

Santos said...

gaaah! i'll be in mexico. dang, i was looking forward to it, too.

yoony! you're gainfully employed--no time to gallivant! you'll get to them soon :)

Anthony said...

Argh missed it