Friday, October 19, 2007

the refresher.

the refresher

i'm ashamed to say i don't frequent the refresher in the farmers market all that much. it is one of the few stalls i clearly remember from my childhood that is still in the market, and one of the least changed. it only sells drinks--and soft drinks at that--and a few of the frozen confections that are house-made at the owners' other stall, bennett's ice cream. despite its quaint exterior, though, it does have a rather remarkable selection of sodas from hard-to-find brands (cactus cooler, anyone?) to bottled microbrews--in fact, at some point the bennetts had their own branded soda--a tasty root beer, an interesting lemon cola, and i think there was even a habaƱero cola. don't know if that still exists. i might just have to stop by to find out.

eam bars

the refresher
stall # 622 at the farmers market
6333 w. 3rd street (x-street fairfax)
los angeles 90036.


-K- said...

I've bought a ton of "Manhattan Specials" from The Refreshser. Its a coffee (espresso)-based soda from 1895.

santos. said...

when i first read that, i saw "Its a coffee (espresso)-based soda from 1985." which is funny, because i think that was the last time i had one of those.

oh, i so wanted to like it, but the molasses-like sweetness was too much for me.

Raul said...

I always hit that spot when im there...