Sunday, November 26, 2006


frittelli's cake doughnuts

fancy doughnuts in beverly hills. nice enough space, nice enough people, parking in the back. virbila recommended. raised, cake, specials. although the standard combos are special enough: apple cider, lemon poppy, cranberry orange, vanilla cake with espresso glaze, blackberry jelly-filled, bittersweet chocolate raised. coffee drinks available, chocolate and teas. did i mention nice enough space and people? hm. well.

doughnuts in general do not excite me. on my 0-10 scale of doughnuts, krispy kreme falls somewhere at 5 (hot raised glazed: 5, 7 without glaze, the rest: 3), bob's at 8 (nostalgia: 10, doughnuts: 6, kitty doughnuts: 10), hong kong mandarin oriental bakery a solid 10 (the apricot-filled doughnuts? seriously, the best). frittelli's would be a 7. these have very interesting flavour combinations as far as doughnuts go, and are executed well, but don't change my opinion that raised are better than cake (these are mostly cake), and that simpler is better. their raised doughnuts are large and have a lovely, silky texture, but not much of a taste without the glaze. cake are fine crumbed, not greasy, and not as stodgy as the ones in your local donut hut. the flavoured coffees aren't made with commercial syrups, and are competently brewed, and they seem to be awash with mariebelle chocolate products for sale--maybe they use said product for their house hot chocolate? they are definitely raising the (buttermilk) bar, so i can't dismiss them. maybe with a name like frittelli's, i was expecting something a little more old world, a little more old-fashioned, more wood and brass and old italian men and proper football on the telly (as in soccer not nfl). maybe i'm asking too much from a small shop in beverly hills. but maybe, i am really asking too much of doughnuts, to be better than they really able to be.

frittelli's pbj doughnut

frittelli's doughnuts and coffee
350 n. caƱon drive
beverly hills 90210.


Cathy said...

I love doughnuts and have always been partial to the cake type - preferably crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside. That apricot-filled one at the other place sounds fantastic, though.

mary jane said...

What a beautiful photograph that top one is,like a birthday party.

Anonymous said...

What a pack of lies, this Frittelli's. Take a look in the kitchen and it's wall to wall mixes, the same brand as your corner Vietnamese joint. Then look at their web site. "Fine ingredients". "Made by a pastry chef". I mean really, lying about doughnuts? OK, the coffee's good, but they don't have a lock on that. At a buck a pop, I'll stick to Bob's. Way better.

santos. said...
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