Friday, October 29, 2004

so far, so funky

i've been here for three weeks or so, and so far my celebrity sightings have been poor to middling, with one notable exception:

an extreme makeover'd guy, now working for restoration hardware in century city (look for the guy playing with his new da vinci porcelain veneers)

lance bass, with his new girly nose completely exposed to the elements, driving in his hot convertible somewhere near universal studios

emeril lagasse, signing books at barnes and noble at the grove, for the throng of uh, six food network fans

one phone call from a famous person's assistant on my answering machine (not a sighting, but still exciting)

tricky, reeking of weed, and apparently having a massive case of the munchies at whole foods

and the best: william h. macy at 101 diner

oh, and a note: for those of you who find courtney love's address on the web, that's my cousin's address, so STOP SENDING HIM MAIL ALREADY!!!!!

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