Thursday, July 06, 2006

17,965 belle & sebastian fans can't be wrong: live at the hollywood bowl.

belle + sebastian at the hollywood bowl

simply extraordinary: belle and sebastian, playing with the los angeles philharmonic orchestra, in a sold-out show at the hollywood bowl, along with opening act, the shins.

there are moments in my life i will remember always, and usually they come when i least expect them. i wasn't expecting much from this, but i was compelled to go. from the first minute to the last, it was so good, it felt like a momentous occasion; the shins were the perfect rock'n'roll band--tight, clean, energizing--and belle and sebastian made the most of this unique opportunity with lush, transcendent orchestrations. mr. murdoch seemed genuinely happy and honoured to be there, as did almost everyone else in the bowl. onstage was perfection--all the best of music from everywhere i've ever been, and at any given time. it was like every great concert i'd ever been to in my life combined with every great musician or band i would have loved to have seen encompassed on this one stage. all i can say is that i'm truly grateful to have experienced this perfect, magical moment in time.

belle + sebastian at the hollywood bowl 5


keiko said...

Hi Santos, you're lucky to be there for the b&s concert - it looks/sounds great. Oh and happy belated birthday too!

tommy said...

i thought i was the only one listening to belle and sebastian.

i got a copy of the album 'life pursuit' and played it all day long in the office.

here in manila, nobody knows the great band.

count me as the 17,966th fan who can't be wrong.....

yoony said...

awesome photos! i had no idea the concert would sell out like that. i'm being prepared for any future ones. too bad we couldn't meet up there!