Thursday, November 08, 2007

drive by: dolce isola.

just a mini-report from my cousin, ed, regarding dolce isola, the ivy-offshoot that is in a very, very unlikely location--about half a block away from hamilton high school on robertson. but, fabulously, across the street from the v. cool midnight records (and barbershop):

"The Ivy Bakery" is good, we got a baguette and chocolate croissant, very yummy. Really good looking menu; white chocolate lemon cake, fresh pumpkin cheesecake, marjolaine cake (4 layers of hazelnut and almond meringue filled with vanilla, chocolate and praline butter cream with ground roasted hazelnuts and almonds on the side). Weird ass location though, full of Hamilton students literally asking "What can I get for a buck?" Reply: "I guess I can make you some cinnamon toast"

i love it already.

dolce isola
2869 s robertson blvd (x-streets cattaraugus + hargis)
la 90034.

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