Wednesday, October 10, 2007

somewhere under the rainbow: rufus wainwright at the hollywood bowl.

rufus over the rainbow

rufus wainwright at the hollywood bowl, recreating judy garland's 1961 concert at the carnegie hall. september 23, 2007. was he up for the task? "recreation" would be too strong a word; perhaps channeling judy would be more appropriate. despite his inability to reach certain notes, or even remember the words, he was a consummate showman. this was less about garland than it was about him, despite lorna luft (and her independently operated shocking pink gown) being there. the best moments were with his mother and sister, who could have easily stolen the show on their own; imho, though, they were at their best when they were interacting with rufus. when is the wainwright-mcgarrigle cabaret hour going to be produced?

rufus family orchestra bowl


Reid said...


Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself. I wish I had the opportunity to see Rufus Wainwright live. I enjoy his music.

Not to get off topic, but have you had the chance to see Tom Waits live at all?

santos. said...

it's the first time i've seen him, and it was all judy garland music!!! well, there will definitely be a next time.

oh my goodness, i've seen tom waits a few times, mostly during the "frank's wild years" era....i actually used to see him at the farmers market having breakfast, too....that's live, isn't it? ;P

Rachael said...

I was there too! Seems like you had better seats though!

santos. said...

rachael! hello, how are you? i hope all is well with you. did you enjoy the show? what i love about the bowl is that no matter where you are, the seats are pretty great.