Tuesday, August 15, 2006

surfas fracas


grrrrr. my local favourite restaurant supply place/gourmet garage is being muscled out by the city it helped revitalize. surfas stocks a combination of basic industrial restaurant supplies, commercial baking supplies, high end tableware, and exotic gourmet food items and recently they've added a café, which comes highly recommended. the café never really did anything for me, and the store's stock--or lack thereof--can be highly frustrating, but it's nearby, the staff has always been cordial, and despite it not having things i really need, it often has a thousand things i really, really, really want. like chrome cupcake stands, orange enamelled tagines, and economy buckets of goat's milk butter. if they leave, then my penchant for baking things like pistachio almond cakes and lemon pound cake with a basil-lemon sugar crust will be severely curbed, as i purchased key ingredients at surfas.


read about it at curbed la, eating la, or on surfas website.

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